Statistics 2, 2019/20

Time and location

Mo 2–4pm, ND 6/99
Fr 2–4pm, IA 1/71

Lab session

Lab session will be arranged with Dr. Fang Xie


You find the notes on Moodle. The notes will always be adjusted to your responses in class; hence, you should make sure to get updated versions regularly.


Serious attempt to solving every exercise.


The mode of examination is oral. The dates are July 13 and July 17 (last week of the semester). This is to make sure that there are no conflicts with other exams.


Send feedback to or through the anonymous feedback form.


Mo April 6 Short introduction
Fr April 10 no class (holiday)
Mo April 13 no class (holiday)
Fr April 17 Decision theory (Sections 6.1–6.4)
Mo April 20 Decision theory (Sections 6.5–6.8)
Fr April 24 Optimality (Sections 8.1–8.2)
Mo April 27 Optimality (Sections 8.3)
Fr May 1 no lecture (holiday)
Mo May 4 Optimality (Fang)
Fr May 8 Empirical processes (Sections 9.1–9.2)
Mo May 11 Empirical processes (Section 9.3)
Fr May 15 Empirical processes (Sections 9.3–9.4)
Mo May 18 Empirical processes (Sections 1.10&9.5)
Fr May 22 Empirical processes (Sections 9.6–9.7)
Mo May 25 Empirical processes (Sections 9.11–9.14)
Fr May 29 Empirical processes (recap; Johannes/Fang)
Mo June 1 no class (holiday)
Fr June 5 no class (holiday)
Mo June 8 High-dimensional statistics
Fr June 12 High-dimensional statistics
Mo June 15 High-dimensional statistics
Fr June 19 High-dimensional statistics
Mo June 22 High-dimensional statistics
Fr June 26 High-dimensional statistics
Mo June 29 High-dimensional statistics
Fr July 3 High-dimensional statistics
Mo July 6 High-dimensional statistics
Fr July 10 Recap
Mo July 13 Exams
Fr July 17 Exams